Last gig for Hoy-Hoy!
My heartfelt thanks to all who have enjoyed, Hoy-Hoy! over the years, and danced, grooved drank themslves stooopid etc......thats what its all about, and it has been my pleasure! Thank you,
Hoy-Hoy! Hoy-Hoy! Hoy-Hoy!!!!!
      Sunday 22ND May. At the Semaphore Workers Club   
    Be early, 5.00 till 8.00
Frank Lang formed the band quite a while ago now, and upon noticing the band had notched up 27 years realized that 'time was up'.
The '27 CLUB' is legendary as famous musicians were coincidentally passing away at this age,  including Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Amy Winehouse. A friend suggested this was a fair crowd to hang with.
    Sunday the 22nd. May at the Semaphore Workers Club and Hoy-Hoy! will "Shuffle off this mortal coil." and join the '27 Club'.
Guests will include , Don Morrison, Dave Blight, Dave Small, Chris Finnen, and John Freeman and they will feature early in the show, and the Trio for the last 7 years, Mauri Berg, Trapper and Frank Lang will finish the show.
The back story:
    Frank Lang had always wanted to sing. Go back 27 years and one frustrated bass player had some ideas of his own. He'd had the opportunity to" take a few songs", but as band after band fell apart he thought, "If I form my own group I can keep it together for as long as I like".
    This meant approaching muso friends, and asking if they would help him out, making it clear that he would pick the tunes, and  "pay handsomely."
    The tunes of the early Thunderbirds were his mainstay and mixed with a growing list of originals, and some Hendrix, Dave Edmunds, and a classic Elvis song he put together his "gotta keep 'em dancing" show, a style closely linked with Hoy-Hoy!
His favourite song from 'the Flyer's days "She Takes Me Up", and some Greg Baker classics made the song list and then some of Don Morrisons classics, because Frank had always admired these songs as "good time, well written tunes".
      "To blues fans we were a bit rocky, and to rock, fans we were a little bluesy" says Frank, Luckily back in 1988 and for a few years after this, the formula saw the band working feverishly.
Festivals, The Gov. The Orri, The Aldinga pub, Harveys Henley Hotel, the Warradale, and many more, with The Semaphore Workers Club being their main haunt.
      Don't tell Frank, the Hoy-Hoy! 18th birthday Show. The Deep South compilation CD, The cover of which is now the photo on the ARBA site with Sav and a 48 Holden by the Largs Jetty. (Frank's idea). Supports for Billy Ray Cyrus, and George Thorogoode, are highlights.
      There were three boom times for Hoy-Hoy! the first being John Freeman, Dave Small and Frank with the associated release of four tracks on the Deep South compilation which Frank helped produce.
      The second featured Trapper on drums, the wonderful Steve Smith on Guitar and of course Frank, well represented by the multiple thousand seller 'Don't Tell Frank' C.D.
Then the Mauri Berg and Trapper version which lasts till today and can be seen on the Hoy-Hoy! The 18th birthday DVD.
Most important for Frank the support and fellowship of some of Adelaides' great Musicians, has seen the 27 years fly by, and include: Dave Small, John Freeman, Trapper, Mauri Berg, Steve Smith, Chris Finnen, Dave Blight, Brian Morrison, Andy Spy, Joff Bateman, and many more. And without a doubt the Premier music venue in this town, The Semaphore Workers Club.

              Mauri, on guitar.  Trapper, on drums.  Frank, sings and plays bass.
Vocals Frank Lang, Don Morrison.       
Drums J. J. Hackett, John Freeman, Joff Bateman, Craig Rodda, Rob Riley, Trapper,  Andy Spy,  Mick Rajan, Jeff Alga. 
Guitar Chris Finnen, Rob Riley, Dave Small, Mauri Berg, Brian Morrison, Steve Smith, Peter Jenkins.   
Sound  Peter Mundy, Kram, Ed Lange, Frank Lange, Brian Coff, Michael McGregor, Luke, Eddie, Paul Hutchings,  Bruce Stee,r Dave Pearse, Angas.   
Guests  Michael Brown,  Dave Blight.     

Above, this is Mauri Berg.
      Vanda and Young, Alberts Studios, these names are not unfamiliar to Mauri Berg who now fronts Hoy-Hoy! with his awe inspiring guitar prowess.
      Some folks move close to the front of the stage when he rips into "All Along The Watchtower".

                                          Frank Lang


It's the powerhouse that drives this band, Trapper.

No Johnny Farnhams.
Sunday 22ND May.
At the Semaphore Workers Club.   
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Don't Tell Frank c.d.
18th. Birthday DVD
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