Friday Dec 12th
                    The Semaphore Workers Club.
                Celebrating 28 years of Hoy-Hoy!
      Frank Lang formed the band to play Texas style blues, but very early on it was obvious that the band had an Australian sound and character.
    “We’ve still got that thing going”. Says Frank, “and we still rock, but now and then, we swing the music and people get up and dance.”
      “I’m just an old Rock and Roller”. Frank continues,” But with great players in this band I’m in rock’n’roll heaven.”
    The Hoy-Hoy! line-up of awesome Trapper on drums, and Frank Lang on bass and vocals, make this gig a priority.  “On guitar, Mauri Berg, ‘Sets the devils loose’. Mauri was in bands with Bonn Scott, and a young Jimmy Barnes, and his playing for Mickey Finn is legendary”.  He's a 'Hall of Fame', guy.
    "Hoy-Hoy! rock like hell."
                          Quote. Terry heazlewood 5UV Saturday Blues

Above, this is Mauri Berg.
    Mauri was in bands with Bonn Scott, and his playing for Mickey Finn is legendary.
    Vanda and Young, Alberts Studios, these names are not unfamiliar to Mauri Berg who now fronts Hoy-Hoy! with his awe inspiring guitar prowess.
    This is Mauri Berg, hold on for some great playing.
Some folks move close to the front of the stage when he rips into "All Along The Watchtower".

                                          Frank Lang


It's the powerhouse that drives this band, Trapper.

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    Friday Dec 12th.
              The                Semaphore Workers                  Club.
Celebrating 28 years.       
One or two new-old ones. Yes the band has been back at the drawing board.
"Hoy-Hoy! rock like hell."
  Terry Heazlewood 5UV Saturday Blues

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